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Help Us, Help You

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

We are doing research on accessing to telehealth care, and need your help. COVID-19 has led to many providers only offering telehealth services and we would like to know how it's going. We need your feedback on your experiences with telehealth, any success stories you have, and to let us know any problems you may have experienced. If you will never use telehealth, tell us that too. We hope to take this information and share it with other telehealth providers, in the hopes of creating a easier, better experience for you and our community..

Please help us, help you. Just click on the picture below to complete a short survey about telehealth. And as always, feel free to leave comments below. Ya' at' eeh!

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Help Us, Help You

We are currently conducting Telehealth Research. We are collecting data on telehealth regarding access to this service. Got 5 minutes? Go to our facebook page to fill out a survey. Maybe we can do Som