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  • Dee Donaldson

Anger, stress, commitment. These are things each of us struggles with from time to time. And that's exactly what therapy is for - to help you when you need it.

During the holidays, anger, stress, and commitment issues seem to increase as well. The added pressure of meeting family obligations, job deadlines, and the needs of those closest to us takes its toll. 

At All Tribes Mental Health, we understand. We offer in person and tele-mental health services so that we are there when you need us most.

Happy Holidays,

Dee and Zhana

Group Name: Crochet to Calm the Nerves Meeting times: 3pm-4pm Wednesdays Where: 727 SE Cass Ave. Ste 223, Roseburg, OR 97470 Cost: 20.00 per person or free for anyone with basic OHP

Have you been struggling with Anxiety or Stress? Tired of using stress balls or the newest stress reducing fad? Look no more. Beginning September 5th, All Tribes Mental Health is starting a coping skills group, using crochet as an instrument of change. Come join us for this 8 week long group and walk away with tools you can use anytime and anywhere to manage stress and anxiety. Call Now To reserve your spot! 541-200-6969

  • Dee Donaldson

Group therapy is a type of treatment that includes more than lne person. Often referred to as a process group, people of all walks of life come together to help one another heal. Hainvg strict rules about group confidentiality, the group itself becomes the cleint. Each person's specific needs are addressed, enhancing individual growth while simultaneously healing the group members. This therapeutic intervention has the power to help everyone present. The only requirement to join group therapy is a desire to be a part of the

healing process.